What has happened to our lives?  Our family and friends, our livelihoods, even our basic everyday lifestyle all have been held to ransom by a vicious microscopic virus, that’s what happened.  This international trauma will find many of us taking stock of what is truly important to us.  Our family, friends, pets, our health of course, will all take front row seats in our emotional index.  Whilst material things and careers previously thought so crucial may not be so much in the forefront of our everyday thoughts and plans.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many of us will be disheartened knowing that we may not be able to spend that meaningful day with our dear Mom.  If realizing this, we will be forced to challenge ourselves and find a way to make the day a memorable one, but respecting social distancing to keep her safe.  Many will be shopping online and sending those thoughtful gifts via courier, which leaves an emotional vacuum where there should be warm hugs of gratitude felt in return.  Just this once let us be grateful for a warm thank you on the other end of a cell phone or a computer screen.  What a hard and cold situation we find ourselves in!

As a Mother of a registered nurse, my daughter heads to the front line everyday and so endangers her own life in the face of the virus.  I’m wrought with worry all the time, but “what can we do”.  Controversy over the actual danger has riddled our communities and there appears to be no concord in sight.  Some are abiding by the rules and other’s think it is a violation of their rights.  Can we not all agree to disagree and move forward together and fight this pandemic like any other war?  If we don’t, our lives may never again go back to the way they were.

In the brighter days that are surely ahead, how wonderful it will be to replace social distancing with hugging and holding in the same space as our much loved family members and friends.

To those men and women in our lives who work the front lines of health care, to those sewing in their kitchens, to those in the food banks and care homes, the charity organizations, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and with a special wish to all you Moms, “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy from the Count-Down Marketplace family.