It’s that time of year again when we pull out all the stops and set aside a special day to celebrate the Men in our lives.  Whether that man is our dear ol’ Dad or our Husband, Uncle, Nephew, Grandpa, Brother, Brother-in-Law or our Step-Bro or Step-Dad and whether they are still with us or not.  These men have most likely played a mentoring role in our lives at some time or another.  Such guidance, no doubt, came with support, not only for the basic needs of life, but for our dreams and aspirations too.  These teachers and care givers spent their time influencing us to accomplish all the things we wanted to achieve and became passionate about.  Over the years, perhaps they supported our adolescent ideas when all else around abandoned us, but, with our youthful view of life at the time, could not  appreciate the quality of such encouragement.  So this special day is set aside each year to say thank you for those life’s lessons, for the love and for being there as a support system. Perhaps we might even declare that our life was built upon their shoulders.

Presently, we are in unusual and difficult times, with a virus raging around the world and vast campaigns rising up through our communities in support of even the most basic of life’s rights and freedoms.  With all of this turmoil around us, we still need to take time for what is so dear to each and every one of us, our Family, and especially on Father’s Day, the main man of our brood.  So enjoy those gatherings around the picnic table or the BBQ and toast with special appreciation that significant someone and say thank you for all the love and understanding.

June is full of Special Occasions and so we also wanted to congratulate the Graduates of 2020 for all your hard work under very trying circumstances and we send all our very best wishes for your future success!

Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy

from the Count-Down Marketplace family.