“They’re going back”, used to be the first commercial that played on the TV to tell parents that it was time to get going and buy all the swag and supplies that kids needed to get back to school.  Boy oh boy, has that message changed!  We seem to have been consumed with the issues revolving around the new school year for months now.  The big divide being between home schooling and social distancing in the class room.  Regardless of your position, the kids still need their stuff!


Fall is just around the corner and our lives are about to change again with the ever present concern of another wave of this damn Covid19 pandemic.  It is inevitable that our lives are once again going to be thrown into turmoil, but for a short while, wasn’t it oh so nice to enjoy that taste of what life used to be.  Expanding our bubble with a handful more of those we love, getting out to our favourite place and enjoying that mouth watering meal at our much-loved place to dine.  As the summer comes to a close and the cooler temperatures find us more house bound, there is so much to consider.  Our children, young and almost grown, anticipating their first day of school or back to college, now await the decision of concerned parents everywhere. Shall you send them to school at all?  It is the big question that all families are considering.


If we keep practising social distancing, wearing a mask and washing our hands, we could prevent that special someone from being infected and perhaps, finally say goodbye to this dreadful epidemic.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy

from the Count-Down Marketplace family.